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Guangdong Development Bank the world's most long-distance railway wagons
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June 13 16 am, from the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan Shilong out of the China-EU X8426 trains arrived safely in Manzhouli international freight stations, 41 light vehicles PRD products will be shipped to Russia and Poland, far arrived in the Netherlands.

It is understood that after the EU-China trains unified brand, from Guangdong Railway International Logistics Base's first trip out of international freight trains.

X8426 EU-China Trains June 8 from Shilong station out eventually arrived in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Central European tour trains running time of about 20 days, shipping time savings than the current 15 days.

Trains full 13,488 km, of which domestic mileage 4329 km, 9159 km mileage abroad, is by far the longest running trains Central Europe, is the world's longest railway line open cargo trains.

With this tour trains CDB Central Europe, Eurasia International Guangdong railway transported goods exceeded 10 million tons. It beckons Central Europe, Central Asia has become the trains "through train" hub of the Pearl River Delta and economic ties with European and Asian countries import and export trade.

Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen COSCO Logistics Wengshao Xiong said China and the EU to exercise classes are open "world factory" in the Pearl River Delta have a new channel products export to Europe. COSCO total of more than 300 tons of goods shipped to the Netherlands by the Central European trains, eliminating the need for conventional rail, road, Jianghai alternate transportation trouble, saving half a month time.

By the end of 2013, Dongguan Shilong railway shipping center was officially opened, the opening line of "Guangdong - Xinjiang - five Central Asian countries," Central Trains, opened the international "door to door" railway line. April 2016 to June, Central Trains gradually opened to Russia, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.

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