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Legal Notices
All the information (the data) contained in this website is provided by the company, and after I review uploaded to this site. The company endeavors to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, and is responsible for the authenticity and legality of the information. However, the contents of this website for any errors, lengthy explanation, misunderstandings or any other possible inaccuracies understood that the company will not bear any legal or other responsibility.

The website for informational purposes only, is to corporate customers, partners, employees and the general public a service.

Without our written permission, information and data contained on this website may not be copied for any purpose in any media, publishing or publishing.

This site contains information and materials are subject to change without notice.

Considers that some elements of the site of the suspected infringement, please notify us immediately, we will delete the first time.

Interpretation of the above statement of the Company. Relevant interpretation of the law, in order to explain the Chinese law as a benchmark. In case of dispute the location of the judiciary limited in our resolve.

Our main products are: ordinary cast iron, pearlite-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, martensitic chromium molybdenum alloy steel, nickel-hard cast iron, high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel.