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Sichuan 11 departments jointly promote the construction of logistics
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To enhance the overall development of the province's express logistics industry and service level, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the United 11 departments and other provinces Postal Service recently issued a "Sichuan strengthen the logistics short board construction investment and consumer spending to promote the effective implementation of the program," filled from rural logistics short board, short board filled agricultural product logistics, distribution short board filled city, filled the four aspects of the logistics market supply short board put forward specific initiatives.

"Plan" clearly, 2020, fostering the growth of main business income of more than 500 million yuan more than 30 logistics enterprises, the introduction of large well-known international and domestic logistics enterprises in more than 100 national 5A class logistics enterprises reach 5 or more.

"Program" should be made to strengthen the village end of distribution facilities, improve the rural logistics network system. Integrated use of existing postal logistics resources, supply, distribution, food, salt industry, transportation and other sectors, to promote the county warehouse distribution, logistics and express the rural public to take delivery point construction. Preparation of "Sichuan" Thirteen Five "agricultural Cold Chain Logistics Development Plan" to support the set pre-cooling, processing, cold storage, distribution, traceability and other functions in one set of agricultural produce distribution center.

The preparation of "Urban and Rural distribution network construction planning" to encourage transport, postal services, commerce, supply and marketing, sales and other publications carry alliance to integrate existing logistics network resources and services to enhance the joint distribution capacity. Relying on the city supermarket chains, wholesale, commercial enterprises and rural specialized cooperative society, agricultural production base, the "Farm", "agricultural school butt", optimization of logistics organizational mode, reducing circulation, to solve the "last kilometer" problem, realization of agricultural products, "the city" industrial "countryside" integrated logistics services.

Padded short board supply logistics market, with emphasis on iron public water transport, large transport, container transport, warehousing services, joint distribution, inter-city distribution, and key areas of international freight forwarding, logistics and other key industries, electricity providers, cultivating 50 driving ability strong growth potential is good, big brand of modern logistics backbone enterprise initiative to attract well-known logistics companies to establish regional headquarters in Sichuan, operations centers, distribution centers and transit centers.

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