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On the shelves of the social environment and the inevitable trend of development
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From ancient China to modern Chinese medicine shop medicine cabinet shelves of various kinds of shops and used in the shelf to large warehouse or reinforced by a more advanced material made of, the people are familiar, but the deeper level of access to a professional perspective shelves, probably not many people know.

Development of modern logistics, is a prerequisite for the emergence and development of the warehouse, with the industrial, scientific and technological development to adapt. Modern mass production, a growing community of industrial production, specialization and centralization. Production is highly mechanized, automated necessary requirement for timely supply of materials distributed, quickly and accurately. This has prompted the warehouse technology is developing rapidly and has become a high-tech plant design symbol.

When the cost savings, improve efficiency of these modern management concepts to become managers are the primary considerations when and how to effectively use of warehouse space, how to improve the use of storage capacity, it has also been put on an important position. Reserve managers have focused on two directions, one bit how to increase the effective use of storage space, and second, how to promote the flow of goods. Storage of goods of that storage space, although the surface of this space for the storage purposes, but this is actually a relay station for the spatial distribution of the procurement of goods distribution, storage area and therefore has become the hub of transportation of goods. Therefore, the effective use of storage space has become an important issue logistics center managers and industry efforts to improve.

Planning for the space, it must first be classified, understand the use of the space direction, followed by the right to assess its weight in all aspects of trade-offs, the assessment with the weight comparison after the design layout. If storage space is limited and unable to plan design changes, then we must seek ways to bring the utilization of existing storage space to the limit. This on the shelves of a higher requirement. The emergence of modern warehouse, led the development of the shelf.

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