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Steel Authority of India intends to enhance steel production capacity to 20.4 million tons
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Steel Authority of India (SAIL) today announced 2016 fiscal year (ending March 31, 2017) will spend 40 billion rupees ($ 600 million) in capacity expansion and renovation, planned to be put into the project accordingly postponed. Steel Authority of India spokesman said the company plans in fiscal year 2016 finished steel production capacity will increase from the previous 12.4 to 20.4 million tons.

At present, the production of Steel Authority of India's five steel company's expansion projects were put into trial operation. Among them, the largest expansion project is located in Chhattisgarh (Chhattisgarh) of Bhilai Steel (BhilaiSteelPlant). The plant plans to increase finished steel production capacity from 4.2 to 6.6 million tons by the expansion of the project was postponed. It has not been put into trial operation, including an annual capacity of 2.8 million tons of blast furnace (originally scheduled to put into operation in August last year) as well as downstream of the new annual capacity of 900,000 tons of wire rod production line (originally scheduled to put into operation in July last year).

Chairman of Steel Authority of India P.K.Singh on an internal company publication, the author motivate employees to meet the 20 million tons produced in mid-2017 can be prepared. P.K.Singh noted that the company increased sales of steel on the premise that increased production.

But industry analysts expect, Steel Authority of India even if the new capacity into production on schedule, then also need at least two to three years to reach a final production, in addition to sales of steel Steel Authority of India to achieve growth also depends on the substance of India's domestic steel demand of recovery. 2015 fiscal year (ending March 31, 2016), Steel Authority of India finished steel sales of 12.1 million tons, lower than the same period finished steel production (12.4 million tons).

Recently, the Indian railway sector contracts awarded GMRInfrastructure Limited, Cheng Jiandong Ministry of Railway Freight Line (total length of 1839 km) which is responsible for two extension cable (total length 221 km). The project is funded by the World Bank, monorail or double-track railway line connecting the northern Uttar Pradesh, India (UttarPradesh), Haryana (Haryana) and Punjab (Punjab). The west of the country rail freight line (total length of 1483 km) is also about to tender the construction of the leased line connection Mumbai Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JawaharlalNehruPort) and Delhi near Dudley (Dadri), Teng 格拉卡巴德 ( Tughlakabad). And two for the railway freight line supporting the Indian railway sector will purchase 1,000 electric locomotives, these locomotives in addition to 40 imported from Japan, but by manufacturing companies in India.

Steel Authority of India spokesman said the company not only the production of rails, but also can be used for the production of railway wagons manufacturing hot and cold rolled weathering steel, in addition to the company's production of galvanized sheet can be used for the construction of the railway station roof, can be used for the production of steel construction stations and bridges, it is possible to bring the share of the Indian steel demand growth in rail freight line. Steel Authority of India said that the construction of the rail double-track railway requires weighing 240 kg / m, so the Eastern and Western Railroad rail freight line of huge demand. 2015 fiscal year, Steel Authority of India sold 600,000 tons of rail.

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